I tried- again- to work in a series. It's just NOT me. Felt like a bunch of boxes that I had to check off. So I'm back to spontaneous expression. Phew. However, you can still see how I was trying to do things because it's too much work to change the website right now. I'd rather make stuff. :)

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The View From Here (Numbered Series)

Lift Every Voice & Sing

Merry Making & Other Shenanigans

On Being

Through my Mind's Eye


Some Faves

Human Dignity, 2018. Sold-New York.

Comfort and Snowdrop at Home, 2019. Sold- Oregon.

Slow Down, 2020. Sold- Arizona.

Waiting, 2020. Sold- Pennsylvania.

Lost Memories, 2019. Sold- California.

Portrait in Blue, 2018. Sold- Tennessee.

Journal Page, 2020.

Journal Page, 2019.

A Little Hope, 2018. Sold- Texas.

Wash Over Me, 2018. Sold- Virginia.

One Person, 2020. Sold- New York.

The Long Arm of Hope, 2020. Sold- Oklahoma.

Holding Home, 2020. Sold- Minnesota.

Plain as Day, 2020. Sold- Georgia.

Love Lifted Me, 2020. Sold- Canada.

Khesed, 2021. Sold- Arizona.

Once Again, 2021. Sold- Illinois.

A New Story, 2021. Sold- California.

World of Wonder, 2021. Sold- Alabama.

Royal Identity, 2020. Sold- Tennessee.

The Guard, 2020. Sold- South Dakota.