Painting my mind's eye…Making it up as I go…Looking in the paint to see what I can see…

…but really it's about Love & Paint

In early 2008, I started teaching myself to paint as a literal answer to prayer in relation to ongoing struggles with depression. Painting became a concrete tether to sanity, and now it has grown all sorts of connections with people all around the world that never would have happened- at least not in the same way- without the depression.

Beauty for ashes. What feels like the end is so very often another beginning.

My paintings emerge from abstract chaos layers and pareidolia, emotive mark making and intuitive response. They are collisions of in-the-moment-release with a continual opening of my mind's eye to a lifetime of images and experiences.

At their core, whether playful or more serious, they are simply intimate conversations about living a life of love for God and people on this side of forever in quotidian and extraordinary ways. (Matthew 22:37-40)

Mystele (Mih-stehl)

Two thousand eight, the year I began chasing away depression with picture making.

Painting at-my-wits-end prayers, Jesus-help-me pleas. Scribbling away frustrations. Collaging tactile catharses. Mark by mark meandering mercies, sanity, shalom, revival.

Swept off my feet by the creative process.

Absolutely smitten by the in between, the doing, the unfurling of stories, understanding, seeing, becoming, the not knowing, the ensuing problem solving.

Intuitive. Expressive. Imperfect. Wonky. Scribbly.

Mixed Media. Folky. Figurative. Moody. Hope full. Bittersweet. Dark and Light. Love. God. People.

Painted stories. Imaged Hymns.

Visual traces of the Wonder view in this skin, from Texas to Illinois and a million histories in between.

Who is like you, ADONAI, among the mighty? Who is like you, sublime in holiness, awesome in praises, working wonders? -Exodus 15:11, CJB