Painted Stories


People have been asking me for years when I’m going to write & illustrate a book. I mean- lots of people. But, I’m not a drawer. Truly, I’m not. I’m an intuitive abstractionist. I look in the (usually chaotic) mixed media ground, like cloud gazing, to see what I can see, and the images are “drawn” from that process rather than from a sketch.

However, something has been happening, probably for longer than I’m aware. I’m calling it “the shift”. I can feel draw-i-ness dripping into my creative voice & practice, and it’s SO exciting!!

Little by little, I’m discovering how to meld my intuitive approach with a dash of illustrative-idea juiciness. The works shared here are the firstfruits of this new approach to creativity.

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The View From Here (Numbered Series)

Through my Mind's Eye

On Being

Lift Every Voice & Sing