New work coming soon, Lord willing.

Looking forward to a new year of discovery and, hopefully, encouraging others through them.

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Some Past Faves

Laughter, 2021. Sold, New York.

Wonder Questions, 2021. Sold, Oregon.

Freedom Dance, 2021. Sold, Missouri.

The Yellow Room, 2021. Sold, Florida.

Seeing Through, 2021. Sold, Pennsylvania.

Light of Mine, 2021. Sold, Oklahoma.

Face, 2021. Sold, Utah.

Come on Over, 2021. Artists’s Collection.

Nope, 2021. Sold, California.

A Flight of Color, 2021. Sold, Texas.

Penelope’s Plant, 2021. Sold, New York.

Extra Ordinary, 2021. Sold, Virginia.

Clementine at Home, 2021. Sold, California.

Gathered Together, 2021. Sold, Oregon.

Community of Praise, 2021. Sold, California.

Carried, 2021. Sold, Georgia.

The Overflow, 2021. Sold, Vermont.

The View from Here No.1/He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother, 2021. Sold, Oklahoma.

Florence's Fabulous Fern, 2021. Sold, Colorado.

Growing Things, 2021. Sold, California.

Home Grown, 2021. Sold, Georgia.

Lift up your eyes and see Who made these, 2021. Sold, Iowa.

Narnia Calling, 2021. Sold, California.

Nature, 2021. Sold, South Dakota.

Wash Over Me, 2018. Sold- Virginia.

Plain as Day, 2020. Sold- Georgia.

Journal Page, 2019.

A New Story, 2021. Sold- California.

Holding Home, 2020. Sold- Minnesota.

Waiting, 2020. Sold- Pennsylvania.

Human Dignity, 2018. Sold-New York.

One Person, 2020. Sold- New York.

Royal Identity, 2020. Sold- Tennessee.

A Little Hope, 2018. Sold- Texas.

Once Again, 2021. Sold- Illinois.

Khesed, 2021. Sold- Arizona.

Journal Page, 2020.

World of Wonder, 2021. Sold- Alabama.

Slow Down, 2020. Sold- Arizona.

The Long Arm of Hope, 2020. Sold- Oklahoma.

Portrait in Blue, 2018. Sold- Tennessee.

Lost Memories, 2019. Sold- California.

The Guard, 2020. Sold- South Dakota.

Love Lifted Me, 2020. Sold- Canada.

Comfort and Snowdrop at Home, 2019. Sold- Oregon.

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