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I LOVE to show-n-tell. There is nothing quite like the magic of sharing what you're learning and watching it take root and grow creative curiosity and confidence in others. My newest venture is creating art vlogs of my week that I post on Saturday mornings on my Instagram TV and YouTube channels.

I've been teaching online since 2009. I slowed down quite a bit in autumn 2019 and am still in that slow mode. I no longer offer my own online classes and am being really careful about my involvement in other teaching venues. Why? PEOPLE. I want to keep space open for showing up, being present, being a help for people in my everyday life. There is so much good left to do in the world, and I want to make sure I have lots of margin for doing love and justice, seeing people, making ripples of change. Do unto others…

See you around!

When you sign up to teach in a collaborative online course, you don't know who else is part of the teaching staff until a later date. When Everything Art supplied us with the graphics for the course, I could not believe my eyes! Not only is the Everything Art team just "good people", which makes it an honor to be part of anything they do, they've also assembled a rock star team of mixed media art teachers. As I think about the events of 2020 around the world so far, I know that starting a new calendar year with creative people from all around the world will be a treasure, a balm, a way to hold on together.

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[AND…I’m part of something new…Art Stories via Everything Art TV.]

"Join us for this 10th Anniversary Year of CJS and learn how different Mixed Media Artists and Crafters translate our theme into their own work, sharing with you their creative process, techniques, tips, tricks, and ideas on how to develop your own style.

This edition of CJS is BIGGER than ever: you get 45 DOWNLOADABLE video lessons for $89 (USD). It’s a great value – at only $1.98 per video it’s a collection of tutorials that you can keep forever, over 8 hours of unique content!"

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Don't miss the Special “Best of” Offers from Nathalie Kalbach’s “Creative Jumpstart”! Nathalie is celebrating 10 years of her online course "Creative Jumpstart". So she’s curated some peeks into the class from past years. I’m so honored to be included! The collections are only $9.99 and available immediately. These collections include project and technique based lessons from 12 unique and super talented mixed media artists. Download the lessons to your library and enjoy learning at your own pace from a diverse group of Creative JumpStart classics. Just follow the “click” to learn more.

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