[Note: I'm not filming online classes in 2022 except for things that were tentatively scheduled back in 2020. I'm taking the year to work (just make art). Please check back with me in 2023. I appreciate your invites!]

Penelope’s Plant, 2021. Sold, New York.

Bird of Carnivale, 2021. Sold, California.

I began sharing my creative practice with kindred creatives online in 2009 via my class Gut Art™. That class ran through 2016, always with a fresh spin about discovering your creative voice. Along the way, I created other classes and online studio visits and have guested in some lovely collaborative online courses and in person art retreats.

Sharing-connection-igniting creative flames is a beautiful thing. I count it as one of the most integral elements of my creative practice. When what you do isn’t just about you, it somehow grows into something so much richer, something you simply couldn’t do- and, I believe, were never meant to do- on your own.

CJS22. Jan 1- Feb 7, 2022. Registration opens Monday, Nov 29.