Download Deadline:

On March 9, I sent Etsy notes to everyone who purchased Show-n-Tell Episode #1 from my Etsy shop. Here it is again:

PLEASE READ: Video Downloads Deadline =>May 11, 2021

Hello! Thanks again for your purchase of this Show-n-Tell episode. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I had every intention of filming more, but I very unexpectedly found myself back on YouTube sharing the same kinds of things in the form of “vlogs” (video blogs). I am LOVING it!

Currently, I am paying a monthly fee to host the Show-n-Tell videos so that everyone can download them. Since I’m no longer creating paid access episodes, I’m going to cancel my account there. Please be sure to download the videos by May 11, 2021. That is two months [UPDATE: now roughly ONE MONTH] from today. I will not be able to offer any extensions. Once my Box account is closed, that’s it. So, please continue to download the videos that you want to keep from the episode.

Thanks again for your support,