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Book-Zine-Thingy Club!

[Current zine in the shop is from September 2021, "A Run on Legacy".]

Please note before proceeding: I ask that you only sign up if you are certain you're able to commit to the next 3 months (Oct-Dec 2021).

Club Cost: $13.50/zine, USA shipping included with tracking (Regularly $15)

Timing: This subscription is for the next 3 zine publications which will be loosely tied to a monthly schedule. These are personal projects so I'm following the inspiration as it comes. They are usually completed and sent to print around the middle of the month and in the shop by the end of the month.

How to purchase your zine: Etsy (my shop host) does not have a subscription option. So I have to make this all work within that system. 

  1. First, sign up for my zine newsletter here.
  2. For Oct-Dec zines: I'll send out a newsletter update with the details for purchasing, and the shop listing will provide instructions as well. Also, please note that this is for ONE zine. 

And, if you do not want to commit to purchasing a monthly zine, there will also be a small run of zines available in the shop at the regular price after the club zines have been made available. September zines are available here. Stay tuned to my instagram for the latest news (usually a wee bit more up to date than my website).